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HR Consulting

Our consulting practice includes
FIRST THINGS FIRST (Fundamental Practices)

  • Creating Job descriptions
  • Job Analysis
  • Task Analysis
  • Laying down HR processes – hiring, Performance Management System, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Engagement, training & development etc.
  • HR policies & Procedures
  • Employee manuals

Advance Practices

  • HR best practices benchmarking
  • 270 & 360 degree Performance Appraisal System
  • Balance Score Card
  • Vision , Mission & Goal Setting
  • MBR
  • Consulting on PCMM ( people capability Maturity Model)

OD (Organization Development Interventions) like forming SDTs( Self Directed teams) , focused group activities & task forces etc.


We propose to have a handholding or reinforcement sessions once the training is imparted for the employee. We firmly believe that training people once, will not sustain the change within and will not bring expected results, because training and Learning as referred earlier is always a long drawn continuous process. To create change is one part of transformation but Institutionalizing change is ROI what each organization looks forward for. We propose ORGANIZATION to have well structured Change Management Process. Consultants from CMC have a proven track record for implementing Change and facilitating “Business Transformation” through behavioral transformation. CMC has its proprietary Enterprise Change Management (ACE® framework) which helps organization manage business changes at all the cross sections.
We focus on the ¾ Part of the ICE BERG


  • Our organization has expertise in OD interventions and Change Management. As a part of which our experts have developed a proven “High Performing Team” Framework and Model which handholds organizations to building effective teams and cross functional expertise. This helps organization to be highly responsive and agile in today’s competitive market.


This is approach involves lots of Organization Behavior consulting, OD interventions & Sustenance to institutionalize the change. In this kind of consulting we take the organization from different maturity phases of human behavior (Gestalt Orientations). We start with as-is state assessments, then take the team members to ‘Awakening Stage’, further cascading it to ‘Enlightenment’. Once the team members are enlightened with the basic facts and the strong traits, then the team is taken to another level of maturity ‘Wisdom’ where the teams create teams (like train the trainers) having inculcated the team working skills. Last but not the least the teams are made to take the ‘Ownership’. Therefore this model provides organization a platform to transform teams and people to the ownership levels and self directedness.